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2016 Social Media Business Trends

Social Media Trends Outlook for 2016

Although social media is still being touted as king, there are still businesses that have yet to get on board. Content remains to be an important part of 2016 social media business trends. A company website alone is no longer a sufficient means to reach a target audience. Internet users are demanding interaction and continue to seek out information sources. Content marketing is a growing trend that provides a great number of benefits to businesses that use it strategically.

While optimizing keywords is still an important trend in social media marketing, Internet users are very interested in viewing videos. Creating engaging content through video provides the opportunity to increase exposure while still having the ability to utilize relevant keywords.

Mobile Optimisation
One of the most popular 2016 social media business trends will consist of mobile optimization. Mobile-friendly websites are no longer just a fancy option, they are a necessity. From smart phones, to tablets, Internet users are constantly on the move and taking content with them. Websites that are not optimized for mobile use do not convey properly and lack the functionality needed to deliver the best experience to users that happen to be on the go. Banking, shopping, gaming, and even ordering take-out can now be done through a mobile device.

A wide range of social media
Growing presence outside of a company’s website is one of the most popular trends in social media. Searching the Web, you may find that some businesses rely only on Facebook and Twitter for social media marketing. Unfortunately, for businesses that have yet to take their social media game to the next level, valuable opportunities are amiss. Industry forecasters have predicted that Pinterest is going to grow in 2016. Platforms that are expected to soar as 2016 social media business trends explode include Snapchat, a video and image sharing site, and Instagram, a photo sharing platform.

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2016 Social Media Business Trends in Design

The anticipated stronghold that platforms such as Facebook and Twitter will maintain in 2016 means that businesses will need to get more creative with visuals. Some areas where professional designers will come in handy in regards to brand recognition include background images, cover photos, and profile pictures. YouTube, in particular provides a great deal of space for customization to best communicate a brand’s experience. Purposeful content that is concise and polished will deliver the trendiest presentation. An experienced graphic designer can help to create captivating images for social media posts, advertisements, and promotions, which can all be subtly distributed through popular social media platforms. Finally, all videos require eye-catching images that should be of the highest quality and definition.