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2016 Logo Design Trends Forecast

Trending Logos 2016 Designs

Design experts around the world are already making forecasts for the trending logo designs of 2016. Accessibility options have certainly changed how logos are developed as more people are surfing the Web using mobile devices. In the case of print media, logos are morphing into more unconventional styles that demonstrate distinction. Throughout 2015 designers focused on conceptual art that could be considered “outside of the box”. The use of symbols to create memorable moments was also evident in some minimalist works however, forecasters are anticipating a few changes in the near future. The authors of ‘Logo Savvy: Top Brand-design Firms Share Their Naming and Identify Strategies’, suggest that a logo should be based on a company’s “vision and values” (Chua, Perry, Ilic, et.al, 2007, p. 15). Selecting a logo can sometimes be lengthy process but, it is an exciting opportunity to be creative.  If you have not already dreamed up a logo for your brand, you may be interested in finding out what is to come in trending logo designs for 2016.

Look for These Top Trending Logo Designs for 2016

Retro Logos-The retro logo trend will continue to summon creative spirits with moments of nostalgia in the coming year. The pairing of minimalist fonts against vintage backgrounds or inside of geometric shapes will tend in 2016.

Low Poly Logo-The low poly technique is used to make images appear as if they are 3-dimensional. Using the low poly technique, objects seem to emerge from the page creating a lively visual display.


Typography-Typography is a method that has continued to surge in popularity among designers. Although the technique may seem rather simple, it opens the creative space to create visually stunning designs.

Overlapping-Overlapping is one of the top techniques in trending logo designs. The technique conveys a 3-dimensional effect using contrasting colors and shading. Overlapping provides a visually pleasing graphic that is not too busy yet dynamic at the same time.

 Creating a logo that is perfect for your brand will take time and patience. As Timothy Samara says, “the process takes place through creating, obliterating, and reworking (Samara, 2012, p. 87). Keeping an eye on the trending forecasts in logo design will provide inspiration for your creative endeavor. A logo is your brand’s identity as communicated through visual art. When deciding on your logo design, keep your core values in mind and focus on how you want your customers to perceive your brand.


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