2017 Logo Design Trends- With Infographic

March 18, 2023
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If you stopped your average person in the street in 1996 and asked them what 2017 would be like, you might have expected responses like;

“Men on Mars”,



“Flying Cars”.

Instead, we still have a Clinton running for President and Pokémon is more popular than ever!

This is directly reflective of the design industry, with many of the exciting logo trends of 2017 having their roots in the graphic design movements of the past.

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<p><a href=”https://creato.com.au/blog/2017-logo-design-trends/”>Logo Trends Infographic</a> by <a href=”https://www.creato.com.au”>Creato Design</a><br /><br /><br /><br/>

Logo Design Trends


Say more with less.

In an industry where logos are becoming louder, cluttered and more complex in an attempt to stand out, it is often the simplest of designs which catch the eye.

It is important, however, to ensure that minimalist designs are both practical and purpose-driven; the purpose of a logo is to tell your customers what you do instantly and with absolute clarity.

The bottom line:

Don’t leave consumers with more questions than answers.

This style has become increasingly popular over the past 5 years, in trendy Australian cities such as Melbourne in Victoria and Wollongong in New South Wales.

Logo by Creato Design Sydney


Hand-drawn graphics were popular in 2016 and this trend is set to gain even more ground in 2017.

Particularly popular in the café and restaurant industry, where business owners are determined to project a brand that is both independent and unique from the competition but also quirky and chic.

Hand-drawn logos emanate warmth, authenticity and personality; three attributes which are more difficult to capture using computer aided design.

Looking to 2017, an increased use of colour and tone are likely developments of this trend.

Logo by James Oconnell

Negative Spaces

A trend which has, of yet, been slipping under the radar, negative space logos will be 2017’s break-out trend.

This style of logo is based around dual-imagery, where positive and negative space each compete for the viewer’s attention. Think the NBC logo, where the negative space is used to create the iconic peacock image. Other popular applications include construction companies, fitness companies, real estate industry logo designs and many, many more!

This trend has come as a result of a number of social media websites using it to great effective, most notably Pinterest.

Such is its subtlety though that, until now, few outside the industry would recognise the term. This is will change in 2017.

Logo by 300million

Line Art

First picking up pace in 2015, it has sustained its position in the industry and is likely to peak in 2017.

It uses a consistent thickness of lines with only one solid colour incorporated. It can be seen being used by brands who wish to establish themselves as fun, modern and laid back. Moving forward, there will be excellent opportunities for designers to find creative ways to incorporate negative spacing into their line art designs.

Logo by April Scarduzio


Nostalgic designs, rightly or wrongly, will always grab your attention.

Customers will have strong emotions and memories connected with the past, and a vintage logo will often speak to them in a way that a modern one will not.

A vintage logo can often convey a sense of authenticity as well as a sense of authority within the market. This style is exceptionally popular within the clothing and garment niche, so if you are a business that endeavours to make custom t shirts this is a trend to watch.

This is something many designers and customers are settling on today, and this will grow in 2017. A word of warning, a vintage logo can often inadvertently portray a brand as being out-dated or “stuck in the past”. This is something you must consider very carefully when creating a brand as this perception is extremely damaging.

Logo by Dan Greeta


There are a huge number of brands competing for consumer attention, so it has never been more important to build the right brand for your business.

By working with a professional logo design company you will work with designers who are not only constantly following trends in order to stay one step ahead of the completion, but whose approach to design and basic philosophy never change:

To build a brand that customers will recognise, resonate with and instantly understand its message.

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Credit: Pedal Works Logo Designed By The Logo Smith

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