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Electrical Logo | Top 10 Logo Design for Electric & Power Companies

Top 10 Electrical Logo

There following are top 10 electrical logos with simple designs and extremely significant in many ways.

The Power

This logo is designed with electricity distribution pole and lines. It is obvious that the company is in the power supply. It is designed with sky blue and white colour with a brown background with a little dark brownish circle in the middle.

the Powerline logo

The Chris White Electrical Solution

This logo is designed with the symbol of currents moving from one destination to another supplying power to appliances. It is designed with brown, yellow, green and sky blue colours. The brown colour moving from the left extreme end and the sky blue moving from the right extreme end to a conducting pointing. Here is a link to the logo: https://diylogodesigns.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/logo-chris-white-elect-lightbox.jpg

The Prestige Electric

This logo is designed with a scroll electric bulb with a brown colour and the inscription superimposed from the middle of the base of the bulb. The implication is that this company may be into electric bulb supplies or manufacturing. Here is a link to the logo:

prestige electric logo

General Electric Company

This company is an American multinational corporation currently operating in over forty countries of the world. The logo design is one of the simplest and best-deigned logos in the world.

General Electric

ED’s Electric

This logo is designed with power plugins for power outlets or power inlet. It is designed with white colour and black background. It is assumed the power brightens the darkness hence the black background and the white inscription.

Ed's Electric


This logo is designed with an electric bulb and a face of a person on one side. Just as the name implies. It is assumed that the brain of a person has some inherent powers that discharge itself like currents and supplying energy to other parts of the body.


A.M Electrical

This custom logo is designed with the name with a star directly above it. The star is designed with blue colour. From the left, it is sky blue and from the right, it is navy blue. The name of the company used for the designed is also so coloured, sky blue from the left and navy blue from the right on a white background.

A.M Electrical

Burnett Electric

This logo is designed with a “B” like design, however, the curve of the B is a power plugin. Its write up is white in colour meanwhile it is designed on a royal blue background. It is quite a simple logo.

Burnett Electrical


This logo is designed on a navy background with some light contrasts in the middle of the background. Superimposed on the background is an electric bulb with half of the moon or an eclipse sign. The bulb and eclipse sign is designed with white colour.

Moonbrite Logo Design

Maglio Electric

This logo is designed on a grey/ash background. On the background is an electric man with power testing equipment on one hand. Directly under the power man is the write-up of the design using the company name. The name is designed with navy blue, sky blue tin line with a light brown shadow to the right.

Maglio Electric Logo Design

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