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Emails. We sent them every day, multiple times per day. We email clients, employees, our business partners or colleagues overseas. Our emails reach hundreds of people each month. That’s why how we sign off our emails matters – and it can make a massive difference in how we’re perceived.

That’s right: email signatures are much more than just a simple “Best regards, Name.” They’re a perfect opportunity to reinforce your brand identity, share your contact information and leave a lasting impression on your recipients.

In this article, we’ll dive into the world of email signature design. We’ll talk about why email signatures matter, how to design one that’s both functional and visually appealing and what tools you can use to help you create the perfect signature for your business.

Why Having a Professional Email Signature Makes a Difference

You might be wondering whether your email signature design matters. The answer is: it does and for a variety of reasons.

To begin with, think of your email signature as your digital business card. It’s an efficient way to share your contact information with your email recipients. Your email signature includes contact details like your full name, job title, company name, phone number, email address, and social media links. It makes it easy for people to connect with you via other platforms.

The added benefit of a professional signature is that it can be regarded as a marketing tool. It allows you to build brand awareness and grow your audience on multiple platforms as part of your marketing strategy.

Aside from that, having a well-designed email signature makes you appear more professional to your email recipients – employees or clients. It makes your company appear more legit and credible to potential customers.

Is that enough to convince you of how important a business email signature actually is?

4 Tips to Create a Professional Email Design Signature Sydney

A firm and confident handshake can make a great first impression on the person on the receiving end – and a professionally-designed email signature can do the same.

But how do you design an email signature that is both functional and visually appealing? Let’s go over some pointers you’ll find helpful.

#1 Include relevant information

Your email signature’s job is to make it easier for the recipients of your email to know who you are and contact you in different ways. Yes, your email signature should contain your contact details, but you don’t need to include personal information like your address or phone number (unless it’s relevant). It’s enough to include your email address, social media icons and a link to your website.

#2 Keep the layout simple and clean

A crowded and complex email signature design can do more harm than good. You want to keep it simple and clean so that your contact details are visible and easily read. Web-safe fonts, lots of negative space, toned-down colours and a symmetrically-structured layout – that’s the way to go.

#3 Test it across different devices & email providers

Your recipients will open your emails on different devices – and your email signature should look good on all of them. To make sure that the look of your signature isn’t distorted, send a test email to yourself and open it on different devices (or ask your friends to help you). Check that the text, images and links are all displaying correctly.

You also need to pay attention to email providers. Apple Mail, Gmail, and Outlook all support different email signature sizes, so they may automatically resize your design. Make sure that your signature is optimised for those changes!

#4 Add relevant email disclaimers (if necessary)

If your business requires it, you may need to add a disclaimer to your email signature. Essentially, an email disclaimer is a statement you can add to the end of your emails that covers important topics like message confidentiality and legal disclaimers. By including one in your email signature, you can make sure that you’re covered on the legal front.

If you’re wondering what to write in your email disclaimer, you have two options: call a lawyer (recommended) or use an online disclaimer generator tool and customise the result to your needs.

Where to Get Your Email Signature Design?

Designing an email signature isn’t a complex task. You can design your email signature easily as long as you’ve got some graphic design skills, a sense of aesthetics and an eye for design. Here are some ways to get a professional email signature design Sydney – from the DIY method to hiring a pro.

Design Tools

If you follow the tips we provided above, you may as well design your email signature yourself with the help of free online graphic design software like Canva or Desygner.

These design tools offer a library of pre-made templates you can choose from. Once you select your favourite email signature template, you can then easily customise it to the look and feel of your brand.

Email Signature Generators

Another way to easily create your signature is to use an email signature generator like, WiseStamp or Mail Signatures.

The free version of these generators will let you choose your signature style and the email provider you’re designing for and customise your logo, social media links and contact details. You may need to purchase the Pro version if you want more customisation.

Professional Designer

Let’s face it: no DIY design tool or email signature generator will do the job as well as a professional designer. You probably don’t need to hire an entire design team for something as simple as an email signature design.

Still, many design agencies Syndney (such as ourselves at Creato) offer a small email signature design package – either standalone or as an add-on to other design services in their arsenal.

Create a Lasting Impression With a Professional Email Signature

Your email signature is like the cherry on top of your email sundae – it might seem like a small detail, but it can make a significant impact on your recipients. From showcasing your branding to providing essential information and legal disclaimers, it’s clear that the humble email signature is more important than you might have thought.

So, don’t underestimate its power! At Creato – A leading design agency Sydney, we can help you get a sleek email signature design Sydney for you and your employees that will impress your recipients and help you take your email game to the next level. Get in touch with us!

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