Graphic Design

A Guide To Choosing The Right Designer For The Job

Choose the Best Designer for Your Projects

Congratulations, you have decided to enter the world of business. You may have even been in business for several years but find you are in need of some fresh marketing materials. Regardless of your reasons for executing a new project, you want to be certain that your company will be reflected in the best light. If you do not already have an in-house graphic designer or if you are not sure where to begin, this post will help you determine how to choose the best designer for your project.

When navigating how to choose the best designer for your project, you should consider a few things. The level of experience they bring forth, their software capabilities, and samples of their previous work are important points to keep in mind when selecting a designer. While on your search, you may find that there are professional designers with more formal training and freelancers who may or may not have had professional training. Another key point to consider is how many revisions the designer may offer, some design agencies offer a limited number of revisions, however, interestingly some agencies offer unlimited graphic design changes and revisions.Here at Creato we offer clients unlimited revisions on all logo design packages.

As with all marketing projects, budgetary constraints will be an important factor in choosing the right designer. It is necessary to receive a thorough price breakdown for all services offered. Will your designer charge additional for logo set-up? What are their payment terms and acceptable forms of payment? Asking questions is the best way to gain insight into which designer will be able to accommodate your budget and project requirements.

Communication is key in all aspects of business and design projects are no exception. In the case of a website launch, will your designer provide additional support? What is the designer’s turn-around time? The above are just a few more questions that you should ask that will help you choose the best designer for your project.

8 Tips on How to Choose the Best Designer

Review the designer’s previous work. Ask for a portfolio or links to sites they have designed in the past. Survey what type of style they use; are they current on the latest trends?

  1. Request a proposal. Find out how the designer plans to execute and follow through with your project.
  2. Confirm if the designer’s fees match market value and industry standards. Are you getting the most from your investment and will the work be of high quality?
  3. Ask for references. Find out what others are saying about your prospective designer. Are they leaving a strong impression among their own clients?
  4. Is your designer easy to reach? Will you end up playing phone -tag and do your emails go without responses? If your designer does not provide good communication, it may be time to look elsewhere.
  5. If your designer is able to meet deadlines with ease, then you can be confident that your projects will be completed in a timely manner. If they are unable to meet a deadline, do they communicate this information in a timely and professional manner?
  6. Ask if your prospective designer is familiar with the latest platforms available for design.
  7. Does your designer take the time to understand the vision for your product? If so, you will likely be pleased with the end-result of their work.

It may seem like a challenge to choose the best designer for your project but it doesn’t have to be a headache. By asking several questions and communicating as much as possible, you are certain to find just the right person to help you turn your brand into a creative wonder.