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Last Updated: March 18, 2023
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In 2023, learning a new skill is as easy as picking up your computer and connecting to the internet. If you have been thinking about learning logo design online, grab your PC and get started. Many websites offer logo design courses, and all you need is to sign up and subscribe. Here are the best logo design courses that are accessible from your PC:

1. LogoCore

logocore- First best onlie course platform to learn logo design

LogoCore is a team of professionals in visual identities that offers excellent courses on logo design. The cheapest course is the master class which goes for $60. The other classes are mentorship and guidance programs. Here is a description of the master class in logo design:

• This course is ideal for beginners and those already in the design industry who want to sharpen their skills.
• You will have access to video lessons that build up from theory to application.
• At the end of the course, you will be equipped to handle freelance visual identity projects.
• The course provides you with mock case studies and homework assignments to help sharpen your skills.
• The entire course has 49 video lessons, downloadable projects, and life time access.
• You will learn how to use Adobe Illustrator, animate logos, design visual assets, pitch confidently, execute a design strategy, theory and application, attract high-value clients, and receive feedback.


• LogoCore provides a very comprehensive logo design course. Users learn the complete logo design process from start to finish.
• The course is suitable for both beginners and advanced learners.

2. Skillshare

Skillshare - second best onlie course platform to learn logo design is the best online learning teaching program. Professionals create it for people who want to improve their skills or learn new ones. Here are its features:

• This website offers more than 14,000 skill development courses including logo design courses.
• The instructors give interactive courses in English.
• There are over 2 million students from various parts of the world using Skillshare.
• The instructors earn from the overall profit of the website.
• Premium members have unlimited access to Skillshare’s library.
• There are many free classes that users can access.
• Users can apply for student scholarships, premium scholarships, and more.


• Excellent instructors who offer interactive courses.
• Anyone can access a standardized course.
• Once you learn a course, you can share projects on the platform.
• It offers more affordable courses compared to other online learning platforms like
• Free courses are offered which feature high quality videos.


• The learning process is complicated. You are required to follow a lot of steps and watch content online.
• There is no standard length for lecturers. Videos can be as short as 10 minutes or as long as two hours.

3. Udemy

Udemy - third best onlie course platform to learn logo design

Udemy is another platform where you can take logo design courses. This course is ideal for anyone who wants to learn logo design to sell it as a service or create their logos. Here is the course description:

• You require Adobe Illustrator (free trial or full version) on your PC. Prior knowledge of using this software is not necessary.
• The course is given in English and currently costs $15.
• This course has 41 lectures going for a total of 2 hours and 18 minutes.
• The course is presently priced at 15 dollars.
• Students receive a certificate of completion for every course done.

General features

• Courses are separated into lectures and sections.
• Users can be learners or instructors.


• There are a lot of self-paced courses to choose from.
• Learners receive a certificate of completions.
• An intuitive interface for learning.


• Courses are so short that they might as well be tutorials.
• Limited assessment.
• Course content requires better vetting.
• Inadequate video captioning and language support.

4. Lynda

Udemy - forth best onlie course platform to learn logo design is an online learning platform that provides how-to-videos on a wide range of topics. This platform offers several courses on logo design. Here is a description on some of the courses:

  • Learning logo design: this is a 2 hours 34 minutes course for all levels. It includes exercise files. You will learn to define your client’s expectations before starting the project.
  • Visual effects in logo design: this is a 1 hour 35 minutes intermediate-level course that includes exercise files. In this course, you will learn how to use six visual effects that will aid you in communicating your ideas.
  • Designing a logo: this is a 2 hours 57 minutes intermediate-level course. You will learn the techniques and principles of making a logo work and type-only designs.

General features

• is easy to navigate. Topic categories are presented to you directly, and you can also search for the courses you want.
• You can subscribe to basic or premium plans. These plans are payable monthly or annually.
• The video quality of the lessons is high.
• Courses offered are diverse.


• Excellent video quality.


• Courses tend to be too general to be helpful.

5. Eduonix

Udemy - Fifth best onlie course platform to learn logo design

Eduonix is an online learning platform that provides courses on diverse topics. You can access a logo design for beginners that will teach you:

• How to brand a company.
• The tools and techniques you should use to create designs.
• How to succeed in the design industry.
• Everything there is to know about logos.
• How to design and display amazing logos.

General features

• Eduonix offers free and paid courses.
• The instructors are experts in their professionals.
• Part of learning involves getting involved in projects.
• Learners are assessed and certified.
• This learning platform offers a support system where your queries are answered.
• Access affordable deals on courses.


• Learners earn a certificate of completion.


• Low-quality audio in video lessons.


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