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Maximize Your ROI From Online Display Ads

Maximize Return from Your Display Ads

Tracking the ROI (return on investment) for display advertising is a challenge that many companies continue to face. ROI refers to the conversion of sales from dollars spent on marketing and advertising initiatives. Current trends are driving the costs of online display ads upwards in excess of $35 billion per year. According to researchers, increased spending has prompted companies to evaluate how to best allocate advertising budgets. Considering the many factors that influence a consumer’s buying decisions, determining how to maximize your display ads budget is the best way to get the most for your money.

While there is no one-size-fits-all solution for planning a marketing budget, all companies must implement an effective strategy to ensure that advertising funds are allocated to the most profitable activities. Advertising activities must be trackable in order to ascertain what method is most effective. Learn some ways that you may be able to maximize your display ads budget and increase sales.

Get the Most Return from Your Online Ads

The traditional market research method of segmenting is applicable to companies conducting businesses both on and offline. Market segmentation is a process by which large markets are broken down and divided into specific customer groups. Market segments are unique however, within each group there are identifiable attributes; groups may be divided based on geography, demographics, shared attitudes as in psychograpics or behavioral patterns. Market segmentation can help you understand who your target customer is. Segmenting and targeting the behavioral patterns of your market will help to gather insight on how effective your online advertising campaigns are.

Understanding how your target market uses the Web is an important factor in deciding not only how to formulate your ad message but where to display it. Ask yourself, is your target market most likely to connect to the Web using a mobile device or do they prefer to surf on a personal computer? Today, most individuals connect to the Web while on the go using smart phones and tablets. You can maximize your display ads budget by placing your advertisement in the most accessible places online. Convenience.

Ask yourself, “how much time is my target market spending online”? Considering the fast-pace nature of the Web, it is important to ensure that you are delivering a timely message that is concise. You may also wonder if your ads are actually being seen. Just as it is important to tailor a customized message to your target market, you must garner actual human views. All too often companies invest dollars into services that promise impressions only to learn that ads are receiving automated views generated by a computer program. Avoid costly mistakes by focusing on viewable impressions that are guaranteed.

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