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Last Updated: May 11, 2023
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Logos. We see them everywhere: on websites, TV ads, billboards, magazines. As business owners, we take them for granted. But have you ever stopped to wonder what’s the true purpose of logos? Why do they matter so much?

Well, for starters, a logo is a graphic representation of the company’s brand identity. It creates brand recognition by helping that company stand out from similar companies. But that’s not all! There are many more reasons why businesses need logos.

That’s what we’ll talk about in this article. So, if you want to find out the purpose of a logo, read on!

What Is The Purpose of Logos?

Simply put, a logo is a symbol that represents a company or organisation. Think of it like a country’s flag – it’s a recognisable symbol that represents a whole lot of culture and history in just a few simple lines and colours.

The purpose of a logo is more than being a pretty graphic symbol that you can place on your website or put on your business cards. It’s a visual representation of your business – it communicates who you are and what you do and influences how the world perceives you.

As a business owner, you might wonder whether having a logo is truly important. One thing is clear: logos matter. A logo does more than identify your business.

It’s A Part of Your Brand Identity

Your logo is like a puzzle piece that fits in with all your other branding elements to create a cohesive and memorable look for your business. And having a solid and consistent brand identity is critical to becoming the shark in the sea of minnows.

So, strategically speaking, a logo is a tool that will help you create online and offline branded assets. Think social media graphics, email signatures, and merchandise – you can place your shiny new logo design pretty much anywhere.

It Makes Your Business Unique

If you want to take your business to a soaring amount of recognition, customers need to be able to distinguish you from the sea of other businesses in your industry. But a logo isn’t just a simple symbol. It represents the brand values that your business stands behind and tells the world your story.

It Creates Brand Recognition

A logo design is an inherent part of your brand identity. While some businesses have succeeded without a logo design, you can’t become a widely recognisable brand without one.

A high-quality logo proves to your target audience that your business is unique. It’s the face of your brand, business, product or service, and it’s often the thing that sticks the most in the minds of your potential customers. That is if it makes a strong first impression!

It Shows Your Professionalism

How many times have you decided not to shop at an online store because of how poorly designed their logo was? A cheap design that looks like it was drawn by the owner’s 5-year-old kid doesn’t exactly scream professionalism.

In contrast, a well-designed logo shows your potential customers that you’re legit. And as a business owner, it makes you feel more legit, too. It helps you build credibility and brand loyalty.

Examples of Logos So Emblematic You Can’t Forget Them

Whenever you think of McDonald’s, you visualise their yellow golden arch M – and vice versa. Whenever you think of Coca-Cola, your mind conjures the image of Santa Claus in a red Coca-Cola truck. And whenever you think of Apple, you see a half-bitten apple in your head.

Logo of Macdonald, Coca-Cola, Apple

These iconic brands have managed to create associations so strong in our minds that we cannot get rid of them. They stick like glue! It’s amazing how these logos have become so ingrained in our collective consciousness that they’re instantly recognisable, even without the brand name attached.

These logos teach us some very valuable lessons about logo design.

It’s More than A Visual Symbol

Great logos hide messages that subliminally influence people’s perception of the brand. That’s the true art of designing an effective logo: it sends a message and carries emotional weight. No great logo design is random!

Nike’s swoosh is inspired by the wings of Nike, the Greek Winged Goddess of Victory. It symbolises speed, motivation and movement. Amazon’s logo isn’t a smiley face – it’s an arrow pointing from A to Z, which represents the insane amount of products in the Amazon catalogue. See the pattern?

Logo of Nike and Amazon

It doesn’t have to be expensive

Funnily enough, most of these brands got their super-iconic logos for just a few dollars. Coca-Cola, Google, and Microsoft got the first concept of their logo for free.

In 2006, Twitter paid $15 to add the bird icon to their company name. In 1971, Nike paid their logo designer, a student from Portland, $35 for the swoosh concept (due to inflation, this is now equivalent to $262.04).

You don’t have to like it

Phil Knight, the co-founder of Nike, welcomed the swoosh logo with a frown. “I don’t love it, but maybe it’ll grow on me…” he said. Well, it has grown on all of us and is now one of the most iconic logos in the entire world.

This shows that you shouldn’t choose a logo design just because you like it. You should choose a logo design that fits your brand rather than your aesthetic preferences.

As You Can See, Logos Matter

Logos are a vital part of building a successful business and brand. In fact, having a brand without a logo is simply impossible! This memorable symbol is usually the first thing consumers recognise about a brand and the last thing that stays in their minds.

So, whether you take the DIY route or hire a whole team of expert logo designers, there’s no question that having a good logo is a silent weapon in your branding arsenal. It’s your one chance to catch your customer’s attention.

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