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Simple SEO Techniques For Dummies


Simple SEO Tips to Improve Your Search Rankings

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) made its appearance around the early 90s. Although SEO seems to be a popular buzzword around the Web, understanding exactly what the process entails may be more complex. SEO refers to actions taken to improve a website’s rankings on search engines. You may be asking yourself, why is SEO important? In short, SEO improves your website’s visibility. There are over 1 billion websites located on the Internet; imagine how hard it might be for someone surfing the Web to find information or a newly launched business. SEO places your business in the spotlight, builds credibility, and helps you keep a watchful eye on the competition. While mention of topics such as algorithms and HTML codes may seem overwhelming, incorporating simple SEO practices into your online business will help to improve your company’s visibility and search engine ranking.

A guide to Simple SEO Success

Everyday people search the Web looking for information on various topics. People also spend time shopping for a myriad of products. When individuals visit a preferred search engine, they will usually type in a couple of keywords into the search bar related to the topic they are interested in. As the search results arrive, there will be only a few websites listed. The goal of SEO is to attract visitors to your site and stand out among the billions of websites across the Internet. Incorporating key phrases into your website content is one simple SEO solution that you can implement with ease. The following methods will help you improve your website’s visibility.

Plan Ahead: Utilize Google AdWords Keyword Planner. The planner helps users identify what Internet users are looking for and track the performance of words used.

 Research: Observe how close competitors use keywords to improve their ranking. Make note of word combinations, social media sharing, and company reviews.

 Variation: Vary relevant keyword terms and phrases. Consider how different people may search for the same item.

Be Consistent: After you have conducted research on the best keyword phrases to use for your website, use them regularly throughout your content.

Tag! You Are it: When you are designing your website, remember to include your relevant keywords in your title tag and description. The title and a short description appear with the search engine listing.

Include H1 title: using the HTML  tag <h1>title</h1>, place your title along with your keywords within your content page.

Original Content: One of the best ways to be discovered is by creating original content and updating it regularly. As you are creating your content, keep in mind your relevant keywords and include them in your work. Keywords should be placed in bold print throughout your content. Adding a blog page to your website is a great way to post original content and utilize your keywords as well.

Track your performance: a simple SEO tool that can be used to track your performance is Google Analytics. The tool provides reports on site visits, clicks, impressions, and website position.