6 Best Tips to Choose the Right Domain Name 

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Last Updated: January 03, 2024
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Planning to launch your online website but confused about the domain name? Consider your website’s domain name as the nameplate outside your house, the first impression, the map marker guiding visitors to your digital home! It is a unique web address that users type into browsers to access a website, serving as your online identity.

A wrong domain name selection can have significant consequences-

⭕ A wrong or not-so-suitable name can confuse visitors

⭕ Slow down the online progress of your website

⭕ Weaken your brand

Therefore, selecting the right domain name is essential, as it is the foundation of your brand identity, influencing how easily people can find you online! And that’s where Creato comes in! We’re a web design agency in Syndey designing websites for 5+ years while ensuring top ranking on SERPs. Our expert web designers at Creato understand the power of words and online branding elements, helping you find the perfect, memorable, impactful domain names.

Wondering how?

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6 Best Tips to Choose the Right Domain Name 

Choosing the right domain name requires extensive research and hard work, as it sets you apart from the industry competitors. Our team at Creato selects domain names precisely by addressing the brand story, target audience and brand’s goal to generate creative and relevant domain name ideas. We research high-performing keywords for your brand to ensure search-engine friendliness, navigate for the availability of the selected name and consider the domain’s visual and audio aspects.

Here are some tips narrated by our experts at Creato to assist you in selecting the best domain name!

Tip 1 – Domain Name Characteristics

Domain Extensions (TLDs)

TLD stands for “Top-Level Domain,” the highest level in the domain naming system.

Popular TLDs (e.g., .com, .org, .net)

  • .com: Widely recognised and trusted globally, often associated with commercial businesses.
  • .org: Commonly used by non-profit organisations and projects with a community focus.
  • .net: Originally intended for tech-related entities but now used more broadly.

Industry-Specific TLDs

  • .tech: Ideal for technology companies and startups.
  • .store: Perfect for online shops and e-commerce platforms.
  • .co: A popular alternative to .com, often used by startups and creative businesses.
  • .io: Frequently used by tech companies and projects, especially in software and app development.

Choosing industry-specific TLDs can help convey the nature of your website or business more clearly to your audience. It adds relevance and specificity to your domain name, making it easier for visitors to understand what your website is about and potentially improving its search engine ranking within that industry or niche.

Tip 2 – Length and Simplicity

Short vs. Long Domain Names

  • Aim for a domain name that’s concise and easy to remember. Ideally, keep it under 15 characters for maximum memorability.

Avoiding Complex Spellings or Hyphens

  • Choose a domain name with easy spelling to prevent confusion or typing errors.
  • Use hyphens rarely, as excessive hyphenation can make a domain name appear less professional or trustworthy.

Tip 3 – Keywords and Relevance

Incorporating Relevant Keywords 

  • Using keywords in your domain name can enhance your website’s visibility in search engine results.

Reflecting Your Content

  • Ensure that your domain name aligns with the content or niche of your website. It should provide clear expectations for visitors, helping them understand what your site is about.

Tip 4 – Legal Considerations in Domain Name 

Consiering legal aspects when selecting a domain name saves from potential pitfalls but requires awareness of legal aspects, which only experts like at Creato can provide!

Trademark Checks

  • Using a trademarked term in your domain name without permission can lead to costly lawsuits and forced domain transfers.

Conducting a Trademark Search

  • Utilise Online Resources: Begin your search with the USPTO’s Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS) to identify registered trademarks. TESS is a searchable database of registered trademarks. You can enter keywords related to your intended domain name to check if any existing trademarks conflict with your choice.
  • For comprehensive searches and legal advice, consider the help of a trademark attorney. A trademark attorney can conduct a thorough and professional search, checking for registered trademarks and assessing the potential for trademark disputes or conflicts that might not be immediately evident in a simple online search.

Copyright Issues

  • Avoid using copyrighted material, such as song lyrics, book titles, or movie quotes, without permission from the copyright holder.
  • Works in the public domain are free to use, but it’s crucial to identify them accurately to prevent unintentional copyright infringement.

Tip 5 – Domain Name Availability and Registration

Checking Domain Name Availability

  • Explore domain registrar websites or tools to check if your desired domain name is available for registration. GoDaddy, Namecheap, Google Domain, BlueHost, Domain.com, and Name.com are a few websites and tools that can help check the availability of the domain name.
  • Be prepared with alternative domain name ideas if your first choice is already taken.

Registering Your Domain Name

  • Select a reputable domain registrar with a reliable service and customer support track record.
  • Consider opting for domain privacy protection to keep your personal information confidential.
  • Understand the pricing structure of your chosen domain registrar and choose an appropriate registration period that suits your needs.

Tip 6 – SEO and Brandability in Domain Name 

Search engines consider domain names as a ranking factor, although it’s relatively minor. A relevant and keyword-rich domain can give your website a slight advantage in search engine results.

As already discussed, strategically include relevant keywords to your domain name, avoid excessive use of numbers or hyphens, and opt for a popular TLD to enhance your website’s credibility and authority.

A few tips to enhance brand-ability in domain names include:

  • Opt for a relevant domain name that is easy to remember, pronounce, and spell. This enhances word-of-mouth marketing and brand recall.
  • Avoid domain names that can easily be confused with other websites, as clarity is the key to avoid confusion.
  • Ensure alignment between your chosen domain name and your overall brand identity. This includes your logo, tagline, and messaging. A consistent brand image fosters trust and recognition among your audience.


From the above discussion, selecting an ideal domain defines the success of your online website, impacting brand recognition and search engine visibility. Key considerations while finalising the domain name include alignment with your brand, choosing an idea name, avoiding legal and copyright issues, and optimising it for SEO and memorability. and only an experienced professional can best assist with these details.

Creato, your trusted partner, offers expert assistance in finalising the ideal domain name. Our team help brainstorm ideas, conducts keyword research and ensures brand alignment. Connect with our web design experts in Sydney now to secure an ideal domain name for your business!

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