Which Website Layout is the Best for Your Business Type?

January 01, 2024
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A website layout refers to properly arranging all visual elements on your website, which helps offer an enhanced user experience. Your website layout is the foundation of your online business. Therefore, you must opt for an intuitive and immersive customer experience.

There’s a wide range of website layout options that you can choose ranging from split screen to classic pattern and so much more. At Creato, A leading web design agency in Sydney, we can help you decide which layout to bring significant changes and cater to the audience’s appeal.

Which Website Layout is the Best for Your Business Type?

With so many website layouts already available in the market, it can be challenging to make the right decision. However, you must also be familiar with the different website layouts available for that purpose.

Thus, some of the significant website layouts that you can choose for your business are as follows:

Full Screen

The full-screen layout creates an immersive homepage website design, placing the image in the front and centre. When a large piece of media is placed in the centre, it can convey various emotions easily. However, providing a short line or text is essential if you opt for a full-screen website layout. This plays a crucial role in conveying the information. A full-screen website layout is the perfect choice for businesses that want to highlight a specific niche or product.

Split Screen 

Split screen layouts usually create a symmetrical balance and prevent too much exposure around the negative space. With a neat division around all aspects, supporting one idea from two angles is easier. If you opt for a split-screen layout, you should also focus on choosing suitable vectors. At the same time, both sides of the layout must complement each other. Furthermore, businesses should create distinction around the screens with written copy or imagery.


The asymmetrical layout is very similar to the split screen, which may differ in size and weight. It provides a proper balance, which helps cater to the visual movement. Regarding the asymmetrical layout, there’s a non-uniform distribution regarding colour, space and scale. This helps to make the image bigger, brighter and bolder to make the focal points. An asymmetrical layout offers an innovative and contemporary look.

Single Column

In the case of a single-column layout, the content is often arranged vertically, catering to the simple design. This is vital in creating a user-friendly website by making navigation easier. Nonetheless, adding the Back to Top option is essential for users to explore the sites when integrating a single column. Furthermore, it is also crucial to break the site into different line breaks, imagery and here. As a result, it caters to the chronological arrangement of content.


The box-based layout also refers to the grid-based layout, which caters to the geometric design. It is essential to align the content thoroughly to offer a unified look. You should keep adding featured box options to explain the content briefly with proper website navigation. Furthermore, it is also crucial to align each box thoroughly with a display of better images across columns and rows.


The Z-pattern layout is the best for websites with blogs because it helps improve page readability. The Z-pattern features a diagonal pattern that spans across the top to bottom of the page. While implementing the Z-pattern, it is crucial to focus on typography and emphasise its impact on navigation. Furthermore, you should also include a CTA button around the page.


The F-pattern website layout is based on page scanning behaviour. It is suitable for text-heavy pages as it holds the audience’s attention longer. It is advisable to include anchor texts in a balanced form to ensure faster and easier navigation. Furthermore, the F-pattern helps make the readers more appealing with the use of colour palette, imagery and icons.

Tips to Choose the Right Website Layout

When choosing the best layout for your website, it is crucial to focus on some of the most critical factors, such as the following:

  • Content Accommodation: Various websites may showcase your work and products. On the other hand, some websites work as portfolios. You need to analyse your business and choose a layout that caters to all needs.
  • Use Common Layouts: You must choose layouts that you’re familiar with. This will be important in catering to the principles and matching the different designs. Thus, it would help if you focused on providing a positive and unique user experience.

Final Thoughts 

Having the proper layout for your website can play an essential role in fostering recognition. Your business must identify the most suitable layout. At Creato, we help you craft a strong brand image by choosing the best design. Contact us to know more about the best layout.

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