30+ Best WordPress Website Designs for 2024

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Last Updated: March 12, 2024
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In the ever-evolving digital landscape, WordPress continues to be a leading platform for website design, and as we step into 2024, staying ahead of the curve with the latest design trends is crucial. The upcoming year promises an array of innovative and dynamic WordPress website designs, blending functionality with cutting-edge aesthetics. Understanding these trends is key to ensuring your website resonates with your audience and stays competitive.

At Creato, our web design Syndey team specialise in custom WordPress website designs that are visually stunning and tailored to fit 2024’s emerging web design trends. Our expertise lies in creating designs that reflect your brand’s essence while leveraging the latest innovations in web technology, including minimalist, timeless, and mobile responsive designs.

As you explore the 30+ WordPress website designs we have curated for 2024, notice how each design harmonises contemporary trends with unique styles. Dive in and scroll down to discover how these designs can transform your digital presence in the year ahead.

The Classic WordPress Design

With clean lines and simple layouts, emphasising user-friendly navigation and functionality, this minimalist classic WordPress design approach uses a traditional colour palette, including black, white and blues, clear typography, and an uncluttered interface, ideal for corporate and personal blogs. It has a seamless and sophisticated user experience, and the most popular WordPress templates that fit well with this design are Neve, Astra and Sydney.

1. From Classic to Contemporary

2. New in WordPress Design for 2024

3. Key Web Design Trend Influencing WordPress

Accessibility, performance, responsive design adapting to different screen sizes and devices, intuitive touch-friendly interface for mobile users, prioritised content and functionality for smaller screens, clearly labelled elements and high contrast between text and background are some of the key web design trends that will rule WordPress designs in 2024.

Responsive and Mobile-First Designs

Mobile-first indexing prioritises your WordPress site’s mobile version for Google ranking, enhancing user search experiences. Benefits include improved search engine rankings, as the mobile-first design is crucial for visibility. It also ensures easy navigation and enhances user-friendliness, critical aspects of effective UX design.

4. Embracing Mobile-First Philosophy in 2024

5. Example of Responsive WordPress Themes

6. Best Practice for Mobile-Responsive Design

The best practice for mobile-friendly design includes a clutter-free, properly organised website that easily fits different screen sizes. It also includes adding responsive videos and images, compressed images, prioritised content and optimised performance.

Minimalist and Clean Design Trends

The minimalist WordPress theme is perfect for blogs or magazines, especially in photography, travel, food, fashion, lifestyle, and sports. Its advanced featured slider enhances visual appeal, aligning with minimalist, elegant, and user-friendly web design trends.

Hestia and Inspiro Premium are the best WordPress themes for clear and minimalist web designs.

7. Top Minimalist WordPress Theme for 2024

8. Balancing Simplicity with Functionality

9. The Rise of Minimalism in Web Design

Bold Typography and Creative Use of Fonts

Every website’s design hinges on the choice of typography. Consider QI Theme and Stockholm WordPress theme for a free theme with limitless typography possibilities.

10. Making a Statement with Typography

11. Exploring Innovative Font Combinations

12. Typography for Readability and Impact

Advanced Animation and Interactive Elements

Animated WordPress themes enhance user engagement with appealing visuals that draw attention, guide navigation, and add interactivity. These themes, including POFO and Humpton, create memorable, dynamic websites encouraging more extended visits and interactive experiences, strikingly impacting visitors.

13. Engaging Users with Interactive WordPress Themes

14. Example of a Website with Unique Animations

15. Integrated Animations Without Affecting Performance

Unique and Customisable WordPress Themes

Select a suitable theme that elevates your brand, offering easy customisation to reflect your values and stand out. Tailor layouts, fonts, and colours, and integrate special features like sliders and multimedia, this diverse collection ensures a perfect match for your brand’s mission and aesthetic and BeTheme and Jevelin are the two most used customisable and unique WordPress themes.

16. Pushing the Boundaries with Unique Themes

17. Tailoring Themes to Fit Brand Identity

18. Customisation Theme Idea for Non-Designers

E-commerce Design Trends for WordPress

Selecting the ideal WooCommerce theme requires balancing functionality and aesthetics for your online store. Opt for designs that engage customers and ensure fast loading for better performance. Prioritise themes optimised for SEO and social media to extend audience reach. Additionally, choose themes like Hongo, Medizin and others that stay updated with the latest WordPress and WooCommerce versions to prevent future issues and enhance sales and revenue potential.

19. Designing for Conversion in Online Stores

20. E-commerce Theme That is Changing the Game

21. Integrating User Experience in E-commerce Design

Colour Schemes and Visual Aesthetics

Colourful WordPress themes effectively convey brand messages, especially in fashion, beauty, and art markets. While unsuitable for every industry, vibrant themes like Leedo, Olvi, and others help stand out in specific niches.

22. Trending Color Palettes for 2024

23. Using Color Psychology in Web Design

24. Balancing Aesthetics with Usability

Accessibility and Inclusive Design

Accessibility aims to ensure websites are inclusive to all users, including those with disabilities, mobile users, and search engines.WordPress accessibility entails designing digital experiences usable by all and addressing various impairments, while inclusion emphasises their participation. Accessibility pertains to website technology, whereas usability focuses on user experience quality, and WordPress themes like Angelica and Stock help with the same.

25. WordPress Site Accessible to All

26. User-friendly WordPress theme for non-technical users

27. Best Practice for Inclusive Design

28. Best Tools and Plugins for Enhancing Accessibility

AI and Machine Learning in WordPress Design

The AI Engine WordPress plugin simplifies the integration of AI services like ChatGPT and Azure into websites. By adding the tool’s API key to the plugin, AI enhances web design by generating layouts, custom code, SEO optimisation, and improving user experience through chatbots, allowing designers to focus on creativity. Divi and Elementor provide the option to integrate AI and machine learning into websites.

29. AI in Future Web Designs

30. AI-Driven Themes and User Experience Enhancements

Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Design

Green Protection and Green Wealth WordPress themes combine aesthetics and eco-conscious features, reducing digital carbon footprints with efficient coding and graphics. Responsive layouts improve user experience, while eco-centric plugins promote green initiatives. Embracing these themes fosters a sustainable online ecosystem, proving elegance and eco-consciousness can coexist.

31. Embracing Green Design in WordPress

32. Eco-Friendly Themes and Practices

33. Sustainable Web Practices


The future of WordPress design is one of continuous evolution and boundless creativity. As design trends shift and technology advances, Creato is poised to offer solutions that are not only in step with the times but also set the pace for future innovations.

For designers, developers, and website owners alike, this means an exciting journey of discovery and creation as they harness the full potential of WordPress to build engaging, dynamic, and visually stunning websites. Connect with the website design expert at Creato now to know more!

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