Sevigne, at its inception, sought Creato’s expertise to launch a lingerie line that stood out for its minimalism and inclusivity. Tasked with encapsulating Sevigne’s ethos, Creato was instrumental in developing the brand’s identity, from logo design to web presence, and crafting a Lookbook that would mark Sevigne’s expansion into the Canadian market.


As a new brand entering the market, Sevigne needed comprehensive brand development — from creating a unique logo and harmonious colour schemes to selecting fonts and building an attractive eCommerce presence. An additional challenge was creating a Lookbook that mirrored Sevigne’s refined aesthetic and values for international retailer distribution.


Creato provided an all-encompassing branding solution that captured Sevigne’s essence of elegance and empowerment. This effort culminated in a unique logo, a user-friendly eCommerce website hosted on Shopify, and engaging graphic designs. The Canadian-market-focused Lookbook showcased Sevigne’s lingerie, celebrating the natural confidence and elegance of its wearers.

The Creato 
Process — Design 


Identify Needs

Engaged in-depth with Natalie and Mirela

Defined Sevigne’s brand essence and strategic market position

Established a comprehensive brand and eCommerce web design strategy


Research Insights

Analysed the lingerie market deeply

Identified trends compatible with Sevigne’s minimalist ethos

Assessed competitors to secure a unique niche for Sevigne


Design Blueprint

Formulated a sophisticated logo and brand identity

Developed a compelling Shopify website that reflects Sevigne’s core values

Generated graphic design elements that exude simplicity and elegance


Develop Prototype

Constructed a prototype for the Shopify site and graphic designs

Evaluated design coherence and user interaction

Iterated designs based on comprehensive feedback


Evaluate & Refine

Sought ongoing input from Sevigne to refine the brand’s presentation

Optimised web and graphic designs for maximum effect

Finalised branding components to appeal to the intended audience


Finalise Solution

Rolled out Sevigne’s brand identity with a unified digital presence

Produced marketing materials, including a tailored look book

Positioned Sevigne for an impactful market debut


Deliver & Support

Delivered a full suite of branding and eCommerce solutions

Offered continual design and marketing assistance

Monitored brand performance and facilitated Sevigne’s market growth

Stakeholder Collaboration

Extensive discussions and strategy sessions with Sevigne’s founders ensured that Creato fully embraced and executed the brand’s vision, leading to a partnership that deeply understood and celebrated feminine elegance and empowerment.

Competitive Market Analysis

Creato’s comprehensive analysis of the lingerie industry highlighted opportunities for Sevigne to differentiate itself by focusing on minimalism, quality, and inclusivity, setting a new standard in a competitive landscape.

Strategic Outcomes

Targeted Professional Branding:
Sevigne’s branding strategy effectively communicates its dedication to beauty and inclusivity, resonating strongly with its audience.

Effective Web Design:
The Shopify-based website acts as a central hub for Sevigne, providing a seamless browsing experience that aligns with the brand’s minimalist philosophy.

Innovative Product Showcase:
Through the look book and digital platforms, Sevigne’s distinct products are vividly presented, fostering customer engagement and curiosity.

Market Differentiation:
Emphasising a minimalist approach, exceptional quality, and inclusivity, Sevigne redefines contemporary lingerie for today’s woman.