10 Best Fonts for Your Logo in 2024: From Ordinary to Iconic

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Last Updated: March 12, 2024
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Selecting the right font for your logo for the first time as a business owner, entrepreneur, or SME can be frenzied. I’ve been in your shoes, and trust me, I’ve heard the echo of this challenge from my clients time and again. It’s like searching for that elusive needle in the haystack, given more than 200,000 fonts out there. Yet, zeroing in on that one font that feels just right for your brand can feel daunting.

Remember, visual communication plays a major role in how your brand is perceived. Dr. Mehrabian’s (researcher of body language) research suggests that over 53 % of communication is based on non-verbal cues, and your logo’s font plays a significant role in that visual and emotional reaction. So, selecting the right font becomes crucial for building a successful brand identity.

Think about your brand’s personality – classic and elegant like Garamond or modern and playful like Open Sans? Who are you trying to reach? A tech startup might choose a sans-serif font, while a bakery might opt for something warm and friendly. Remember, readability is key – choose a font that’s clear and easy to read on different screens. Don’t be afraid to experiment; if you’re feeling stuck, my team of expert logo designers and I are there for you.

The 5 Essential Font Styles for Your Logo

Let’s start by briefly categorising logo fonts. The main types of fonts for logos are:

1. Serif Fonts

Serif fonts are the kind of fonts that come with tiny extra strokes or lines attached to the end of their letters. Think of them as the little tails on your ‘p’s and ‘q’s that make everything look more interesting. These small details aren’t just for show; they make the text easier to read and add a special touch that can make any writing feel more elegant and classic. Serif fonts are often seen as traditional, formal, and elegant. They’re typically used in print. The decorative flourishes on the letters in serif fonts improve readability when used in longer texts. The elegance and sophistication of these logo fonts communicate a sense of professionalism and authority, just like how Coach, Vogue, and Honda have done.

2. Sans Serif Fonts

Sans serif fonts strip away the tiny feet, known as ‘serifs’, found at the ends of letters. Sans serif fonts are eye-catching, minimalistic, clean, precise, and modern. These statement fonts are typically used on screens. The lack of decorative flourishes in sans serif typefaces makes them easier to read; the clean lines convey a sense of simplicity and clarity and paint a picture of the future. Qantas and Woolworths are the prime examples.

3. Script Fonts

Imagine a font that dances across the page with loops and stylish twists – that’s what script typefaces are all about. They’re like the formal attire of the font world, especially the cursive ones used in logos, which bring a splash of elegance and a sense of high class. But here’s a tip: while they look fantastic, they can be a bit hard to read. So, if you’re thinking of dressing your logo in this kind of font, go for something short and to the point. It’ll keep it readable and still show off its luxury charm. Instagram and Ford have used Script fonts.

4. Display Fonts

Display fonts are like the bold, confident voices in a crowded room, instantly capturing your attention. Imagine walking down George Street, where every sign and logo vies for your gaze. It’s the bold and distinct designs of display fonts that make a logo not just seen but remembered. These aren’t just any fonts; they’re the kind that can breathe life into a brand, making it stand out in a sea of competition. With styles that span from the elegance of vintage to the sleekness of futuristic and even the playful charm of cartoonish designs, display fonts offer a rich palette for creative expression.

In a nutshell, a display font could be your brand’s best introduction in a world where first impressions are everything.

5. Custom Fonts

Apart from these, there are also custom fonts, which are designed specifically for one brand’s needs. These typefaces tend to be protected by copyright, preventing other brands from using them and reinforcing the brand’s uniqueness.

10 Best Fonts for Iconic Logos

Here are the 10 Best Fonts for your logo design project:

1. Baskerville

Baskerville Font

This classic and elegant logo font is characterised by sharp, clean lines and high contrast between thick and thin strokes, which give it a timeless and sophisticated look.

2. Times New Roman

Times New Roman

This is one of the most widely recognised and used serif typefaces. It’s known for its readability and is a popular choice for books, reports, and other documents.

3. Garamond


This classic and refined logo font is known for its elegance and readability. It’s characterised by its thin and delicate strokes, which give it a timeless and sophisticated look.

4. Georgia


This is a versatile serif typeface designed specifically for use on the web and characterised by its tall x-height and open apertures, which help improve its legibility on screens.

5. Bodoni


Thick and thin strokes and clean lines characterise this contemporary typeface. This serif typeface is often used in high-end logo designs to convey a sense of sophistication.

6. Helvetica


This sans serif typeface is one of the most popular logo fonts in the world. It’s a versatile logo font known for its simplicity, clarity, and readability.

7. Gotham


A modern logo font characterised by its clean lines, sharp corners, and square geometric shapes. It’s a versatile font that can be used in a modern logo design.

8. Proxima Nova

Proxima Nova

A clean logo font is a popular choice for logos due to its modern look and feel. This display font is characterised by its clean lines, round shapes, and spacious letterforms.

9. Lato


Lato is a humanist sans serif font known for its clean, modern, and professional look. This logo font has a rounded, friendly appearance, which makes it one of the most popular sans serif fonts for modern brands that require a warm and approachable feel.

10. Roboto


Roboto belongs to modern sans serif typefaces with excellent versatility and readability. This makes it a suitable font for expressing your modern-look brand personality.

10 Perfect Logo Font Combinations You Should Try

Here are some perfect font pairs to try out for your logo design. When you combine logo fonts into font combinations, always choose your main font. Different fonts have different font styles, so not every font pairing will look good.

Let’s take a look at some of the best font combinations:

1. Futura Bold & Souvenir

Futura Bold & Souvenir

This combination creates a bold, modern look that is perfect for tech and fashion brands.

2. Rockwell Bold & Bembo

Rockwell Bold & Bembo

The pairing of a bold, geometric typeface with a more traditional serif font creates a balanced and classic look.

3. Helvetica Neue & Garamond

Helvetica Neue & Garamond

This combination of two classic fonts creates a modern and sophisticated look.

4. Super Grotesk & Minion Pro

Super Grotesk & Minion Pro

This logo design font combination creates a high-contrast modern, and classic look.

5. Montserrat & Courier New

Montserrat & Courier New

This combination creates a modern, clean look that is perfect for minimalistic designs.

6. Playfair Display & Source Sans Pro

Playfair Display & Source Sans Pro

This logo design font pairing a classic serif font with a modern sans serif font creates a balanced and sophisticated look.

7. Amatic SC & Josefin Sans

Amatic SC & Josefin Sans

This font combination creates a playful and fun look, perfect for children’s brands.

8. Century Gothic & PT Serif

Century Gothic & PT Serif

This pairing of a geometric sans-serif font with a classic serif font creates a modern yet timeless look.

9. Raleway & Lusitana

Raleway & Lusitana

This combination of multiple fonts creates a clean, sophisticated look that is perfect for minimalistic designs.

10. Source Sans Pro & Times New Roman

Source Sans Pro & Times New Roman

This pairing of a modern sans serif font with a classic serif font creates a balanced and timeless look.

7 Fundamental Tips for Selecting the Ideal Logo Fonts

Choosing the perfect logo font can be challenging, but it’s a crucial step in designing a logo that matches your brand personality.

Here are 7 tips to follow when selecting the best logo fonts for your logo design.

1. Define Your Brand’s Identity

Before choosing a font for your logo, you must clearly define your brand personality, values, and target audience. Your font needs to reflect all that. Is your brand personality playful, serious, or luxurious? Different font styles and font pairs express different messages.

2. Evaluate Readability

The font you choose for your logo should be not only visually appealing but also easy to read. Some logo fonts, such as handwritten or cursive fonts, can be difficult to read in certain situations, so make sure to test your chosen fonts in various contexts to ensure readability.

3. Decide On How Many Fonts To Use

Designing a logo is like assembling a puzzle where each piece should fit perfectly. In this puzzle, the choice and number of fonts you use are crucial pieces. Some folks believe that using a variety of fonts or font weights can spice up a logo. Others suggest sticking to a single font is the way to go.

Drawing from my experience in the design industry, I advocate using no more than two fonts in a logo. Often, one is just enough. Here’s why: mixing more than two fonts can be tricky and might tip the balance, making your logo less effective.

For instance, consider the iconic FedEx logo, which combines two fonts (Univers 67 and Futura Bold) in a balanced and harmonious way.

Pairing typefaces expands your typographic palette by offering more hierarchy choices. This insight underlines the benefits of thoughtfully pairing fonts to enrich a logo’s design by giving it depth and versatility.

However, there’s a catch. Your logo will show up in many places, and it’s likely to be surrounded by other text elements. If your logo uses two different fonts, you’ll need to find a third font for your website’s text that complements both without clashing.

This is where the principle of simplicity shines. A clean and adaptable logo is what you should aim for. This means less is usually more.

4. Choose a Font Family

Font families are groups of related fonts that share similar characteristics. Choosing a font family can help ensure consistency across different marketing materials.

Plus, you won’t have to worry about choosing the perfect font combination for your brand identity, as you’ll be able to play around with the different font styles that the font family offers.

5. Scalability

To make your logo stand out, think about where it will show up. A logo has to grab people’s attention fast, so it’s super important it’s clear and eye-catching wherever it appears. Think about where your future customers will see your logo. Will it be on a billboard, their phone screen, or maybe on a hat they wear? Depending on where your logo will live, you’ll want to pick a font that works best for that space. Let’s make your logo not just seen but remembered by picking the perfect font for where it’ll make its mark.

6. Don’t Just Rely On Colour

When designing your logo, think of colour as the supporting actor, not the show’s star. The main character should be your logo’s font. Remember, your coloured logo might not appear in some places.

7. Always Relate To Your Target Audience

When picking the font for your logo, think about who you’re trying to reach. If your business is in the consulting or real estate niche, remember that your clients are looking for someone they can trust and who has lots of expertise. For them, a classic serif font for your brand is perfect. It’s like dressing up in a suit for an important meeting – it shows you’re serious and professional.

Now, if you’re all about creativity, like in design or tech niche, you’ll want to show off how innovative and modern you are. A sleek, sans-serif font is the way to go. It’s the equivalent of wearing the latest fashion trend – it shows you’re up-to-date in 2024 and know what’s cutting edge.

Over To You

Now, with so many great fonts for logos ready for you to use, it’s time you dive into designing! Try different logo styles to see what fits your brand best. Picking the right font is key—it’s how you’ll show off your brand’s personality and share your values and goals with your target audiences through your logo. Make sure to keep your brand’s look the same in all mediums, and choose a font that’s nice to look at both online and in print.

Plus, make sure the font you pick is just right for what you need. And hey, if you’re still scratching your head wondering how to make it all work, don’t stress. Creato is here to help so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Just give us a call.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Why does typography matter in a logo?

Typography in the digital world is often mistaken for mere aesthetics. But behind every carefully chosen typeface for your logo lies a powerful tool capable of subconsciously influencing user decisions, shaping their experience, and even evoking emotions.

A well-crafted typography strategy is a strategic investment, not just a decorative touch. It:
1. Build a Unique Brand Identity
2. Enhances User Experience (UX)
3. Evokes Emotions
4. Directing Attention
Remember, choosing a typeface is not just about aesthetics; it’s about communication and impact.

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