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In a city like Sydney – a city that’s always lit up with electric energy – it’s crucial to make sure your brand shines brighter than the rest – and having an electrifying logo design is the best way to achieve that. Whether you’re an individual, an independent electrician or the largest electrical company in Australia, one thing is clear: electrical businesses of all sizes need a logo.

In this guide, we’ll share with you some of the best practices and trends of electrical logos and how to make your electrical logo design stand out in Sydney.

Why is Having an Electrical Logo Important?

Let’s state it clearly: logos matter. And for many reasons.

For starters, a logo is the staple of your brand. It summarises your entire brand in one symbol. It foreshadows the experience your customers will have when doing business with you. People will know that you’re not yet another dodgy-looking electrical company with doubtful expertise but a credible one with a sense of professionalism and stability.

Then, a logo is also a way to become recognisable, especially in a crowded city like Sydney, where competition is always stepping on your feet. A good logo design will not only help stand out in the sea of other electrical businesses in the city. It’ll also help your future clients identify your brand in a blink of an eye and feel the vibe of your brand.

Simply said, your electrical logo will become the face of your business – the symbol that tells your customers you’re serious about your business.

6 Best Practices of a Good Electrical Logo Design

As an electrical company, your logo needs to be electrifying enough to stop your potential customers in their tracks. The job of your logo is to light up your brand like a power station and grab your customers’ attention.

But how do you make sure that your logo design has that certain “zap” that will leave a lasting impression on your clients? Here are the main design elements that make a good electrical logo design.

#1 Electricity-Related Iconography

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that electrical logos should contain electrical symbols. Anything from a simple lightbulb icon to something more fancy, like a circuit board, is welcomed in your logo design. And while these icons are super common, it’s what potential customers expect to see in electrical brand logos. Hitting your target audience with something unfamiliar might leave them scratching their heads, wondering what you’re all about.

#2 Bold & Clean Typography

Electricity is something we rely on in our day-to-day life. We want a stable flow of electricity in our homes – without flickering lights, blackouts or short circuits.

Many electrical logos try to evoke that sense of safety and stability by using bold and strong typefaces. These fonts exude a feeling of trust and expertise with their clean, neatly organised letters that practically shout, “We know what we’re doing. We’re professionals!”

#3 Yellows, Blues and Oranges

The most common colours in an electrical logo design are bright yellow, fiery orange and freezing blue. It’s not a surprise – we associate these colours with electricity. That’s why these hues are a natural fit for electrical companies. Plus, they’re easy to spot from a distance, so you can easily plug your brand into people’s minds and create brand recognition.

#4 High-Contrast Colour Palette

Whenever we think of electricity, we imagine yellow lightbulbs in a dark room or bright lightning bolts illuminating the night sky. We think of the contrast between the light and the dark. Your electrical logo design should convey that idea using contrasting colours.

#5 Creative Use of Negative Space

By cleverly using the space around and between elements in your logo, you can create hidden meanings and add a little touch of intrigue to your electrical logo design. It may be a fun use of space to design electrical icons, such as a cable being plugged into an outlet or a symbol twisted into the letters of your company name.

#6 Geometric Shapes

Many electrical companies use geometric shapes in their logos to create a sense of order, organisation and stability. Playing around with circles, triangles and lines and weaving them into electrical symbols can be a nifty way to make your logo design more unique.

However, if you’re going for a more modern design, you may want to use asymmetrical or irregular shapes – they can effectively convey a sense of innovation and technological expertise.

What Makes a Standout Electrical Logo Design?

As an electrical business, you might be wondering how to create a logo design that will appeal to the locals. The answer is by making your logo reflect trends towards innovation and sustainability, which are particularly important in the electrical industry.

Symbols such as lightbulbs, lightning bolts or circuit boards in your logo design can demonstrate your commitment to innovative ways of energy generation and stand in line with the city’s industry standards.

Also, by adding symbols of sustainability (think trees or leaves) and using environmentally friendly colours in your logo (think green), you’ll be right in line with Sydney’s growing focus on sustainability and environmental awareness.

Get an Electrifying Logo Design With Creato

Let’s be real: getting a professional electrical logo design can be a significant investment. The price of professional logo design services in Australia can vary significantly, depending on the expertise of the designer, the size of your business and countless other factors.

But regardless of the price, having a good electrical logo design that represents your business is an essential step to reach the next level of growth.

If you don’t know where to start with your new logo design, our team of professional logo designers at the leading design agency Sydney – Creato will be happy to come up with ideas and create a few logo design concepts to get you started. So get in touch with us to discuss your logo design project, and let’s get to work.

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