22 Right Website Designing Questions To Ask in Sydney

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Last Updated: February 29, 2024
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Website designing is one of the crucial steps every business must take to boost its online presence and visibility. However, hiring a website designer is challenging, especially in a competitive market like Sydney. You must ask many questions to ensure you’re moving in the right direction.

That’s where a leading web design agency in Sydney, Creato, steps in. No matter how many questions you have, we will answer them and clarify your doubts before stepping into website design. Let’s look at some of the most crucial questions you must ask the website designer you’re about to hire in Sydney.

Pre-Website Creation Questions

Before finalising a website developer for your business, you must ask them all the right questions. This makes decision-making a lot easier. This is also divided into four stages, which include the following:

Questions to Understand Your Vision and Goals

You must work with a website designer who understands your vision and goals. Thus, some of the significant questions to ask for this include:

1. What kind of research will you do on our business?

The website designer you work with should understand your business goals, which is why they need to research it properly. Excellence in research will eventually help uplift the brand.

2. Will you preview my existing website?

If there’s an existing website, consider providing that as a reference to your designer. The website designers can learn much about what to include and what not to based on pre-existing design.

3. Do you understand my market and industry?

Your industry determines the competition level for online ranking in Sydney. Thus, you may ask them if they have worked or designed a website for any business in Sydney belonging to your industry.

Questions for Technical Considerations

Apart from their industry and market knowledge, website designers should also have complete knowledge of what they’re working on technically.

4. What functions will you include on my website?

Always make sure to ask the designer about the functions that they will include on the website. This can help you understand the page load speed, optimisation and other factors.

5. On which platform will you build the website?

Many website designing platforms are available, so you need to ask whether they’ll use any of the templates like on WordPress and other platforms or customise the web design.

6. Will you focus on mobile responsiveness and website accessibility?

It’s 2024, and the most basic requirements for a website to rank are mobile responsiveness and website accessibility. Thus, consult the designers to see whether they will include these features.

Questions to Set Budget and Timeline

As a business owner, you should discuss the timeline and budget from the beginning. Here are a few budget and timeline-related questions you should ask.

7. What will the price of the project be?

It is advisable always to discuss the price of the web designing project and whether they have package plans. Most of the web designers in Sydney usually have a budget plan.

8. When will the website be ready?

You need to ask them when they will be done with creating and designing the website so that you can align the launch date accordingly.

Questions to Set Content and SEO Strategy

Since SEO and content are like the backbones of the websites, make sure to ask these questions:

9. What content will you upload?

You need to ask them to understand if they will provide content as per the website or if you have to provide content for the website from your end.

10. Will you do SEO and improve my online visibility?

The good thing is a lot of web design agencies in Sydney also do SEO and branding in website design to enhance your online visibility.

During Website Creation

Once the process has started, you’d have to undergo a Q&A with your website developer. This will keep you updated about the progress in the design process:

Questions to understand Website Design and Development Process

Every website design agency in Sydney has a unique approach to design and development, and since this is your website, you need to know it all. So, here are a few questions you must ask:

11. How often will we hold update meetings?

This ensures that the company maintains transparency in communication and keeps you updated regarding the progress as per the website design checklist.

22. How will feedback and revisions be handled?

When meetings are held, and you’re offering feedback regarding the website layout or design, they should be dealt with diligently and not completely ignored. So, ask them if they’ll also offer regular revisions for the design process.

Questions for Technical Implementation on the Website

Being familiar with the technical developments of your website is crucial, so make sure to ask them the following:

13. How is the website’s performance being optimised?

Your website’s performance has a huge role in boosting user experience. So, ask them what metrics they use to optimise the website performance.

14. What security measures are being implemented?

Your website’s security is exceptionally crucial, irrespective of the industry you belong to. Thus, you need to know about the security measures.

Questions to Creato’s Unique Approach

Creato, as a website design agency in Sydney, has a unique approach to website designing, so here are a few things to ask:

15. Will the website design align with my brand identity?

Creato web designers are very subtle about the brand identity, so they align the design smoothly.

16. What innovative features can I get?

Well, Creato can offer a lot of innovative designs that feature and align with your entire business goals.

Post-Website Launch Questions 

You’d need support with the website after it is launched, so here are a few things you will need to put a query for:

Questions for Website Maintenance and Support

Your website needs maintenance and support after being designed, and it would be best if the designers themselves took care of it.

17. Will you offer post-launch support?

Creato offers post-launch and maintenance support for the websites they build to keep the business running.

18. How many updates are made after the launch?

It would help if you asked how frequently the website designers will update the website post-launch.

Questions for Analytics and Performance Monitoring

Once the website is launched, you will need to keep an eye on analytics and performance monitoring, too.

19. How will you track user engagement and traffic?

Your website designers should be able to handle traffic and engagement on the website seamlessly.

20. What tools and metrics will measure the website’s success?

Every designer uses specific tools and metrics to measure the website’s success, so ask Creato what they prefer the most.

Questions to Set Long-Term Strategy and Growth

Now that your website is to be with you for a long time, here’s a strategy you need to follow:

21. How to optimise the website for the future?

While it may seem difficult to do independently, your web design agency should do it seamlessly.

22. What strategies help in continuous improvement?

Ask them this question to understand their knowledge about the market and how they can bring growth in the long run.


Believe it or not, every question is of utmost importance to your business because that would offer you security and add value to the design. Before jumping into designing the website, you need to know whether the one you selected is worth it. For this reason, Creato is very particular about answering all your questions and guiding you throughout the process. After all, our excellence is what crafts success for your website design. Contact us to know more!

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