Sydney Business Park, known for its dynamic business environment and community spirit, faced the 
challenge of updating its brand identity. With the last refresh dating back to 2011, a modern and fresh approach was crucial to reflect its status as a leading business destination.


The park’s previous branding no longer captured its innovative and progressive essence. This gap between their evolving physical presence and digital identity risked diminishing their appeal to new and existing 


The rebranding project included the creation of 
a new style guide featuring modern fonts, colours, and design styles, aligning with the park’s vision for growth. The redesign encompassed email signatures and various business documents like memos, letters, agendas, and board reports, to enhance the brand’s identity consistently across all platforms.

The Creato Process — Engineered Design Excellence


Identify Needs

Working with the board and marketing teams

Understanding the park’s evolution and vision

Aligning rebranding with business goals


Research Insights

Analyzing current market trends

Studying competitor branding strategies

Identifying unique attributes of the park


Design Blueprint

Crafting a modern, cohesive style guide

Redesigning essential business documents

Integrating new branding elements seamlessly

Business and retail giants have found a new neighbourhood, and it’s right here at Sydney Business Park.

Stakeholder Collaboration

Engaging closely with the board and marketing teams at Sydney Business Park was pivotal. This collaborative effort enabled a deep understanding of their specific needs and set the direction for the rebranding initiative.

Competitive Market Analysis

An analysis of similar business parks and their branding strategies yielded valuable insights, guiding the development of a unique and competitive branding approach for Sydney Business Park.

Strategic Outcomes

Refreshed Brand Identity:
The rebranding effectively mirrored the park’s status as a premier business and community hub, appealing to a progressive clientele.

Consistent Branding Across Documents:
New designs for business documents ensured a uniform brand experience, from high-level board communications to daily correspondence.

Modern and Inviting Style:
The new style guide introduced a contemporary look that is both professional and welcoming, aligning perfectly with the dynamic nature of Sydney Business Park.

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