Importance of a Good Logo Design

March 18, 2023
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Your logo is the face of your business. When people interact with your company, that’s the first thing they see. And when they see it, they’re going to decide who you are, what you do and whether or not you’re worth doing business with. The importance of a good logo design is to be taken seriously. If your business has a good logo, you can win over the trust of your potential customers.


It’s also important so that your existing customers can remember who you are and they can refer you to their friends. So if you want more business, if you want your customers to come back or if you just want people to know who you’re; then what you need is good business branding and it only starts with a good logo.

There are some specific types of logos we would like to mention.

The Wordmark:

The wordmark is the easiest one to design and it’s the one we’re all the most familiar with. It can look crystal clean and modern like the new Google logo or it can look like a handwriting or a signature. We’re all familiar with Coca Cola’s logo and that’s a great example of a good wordmark type logo.


Pictoral logos often function as a kind of rebus. It’s a picture and it’s identifying the name of the company. Just like Apple’s logo, you look at it and you know that’s an Apple product. Or sometimes it has nothing to do with the company’s name but it’s very successful. So you know it’s a Lacoste t-shirt when you see a small crocodile on it.

Abstract Iconography:

This is everyone’s favorite kind of business logo because it just seems almost like magic. It’s the kind of logo that Nike uses. This type of logo is exactly how national symbols work. It’s obviously not just anything inherent in about these shapes, but what these shapes have come to represent in the minds of the people who are looking at them.

The Logo System:

The logo system is a graphical framework that can have endless permutations. The first popular example of the logo system would be MTV. But Google’s daily doodles are another great example for logo system. familiar mark which can also point to other ideas or issues. This approach all has to do with technological change. It used to be if a company was doing a logo, there’d be this military operation by which it would be inscribed on all their equipment and on their airplanes et cetera. Nowadays, none of that’s as important as an e-mail signature or your twitter avatar or your website’s favicon. The use of logo systems seems to be continually on the upswing now. But at the end of the day, regardless of which type your logo is, it must be sticky to the mind. You should never take lightly the importance of a good logo design. At first, it may cost you a few thousand dollars to have a very good logo, but in return, it may make you a billionaire. Do not forget that all of the largest brands had professionals to design their logos when they were only startup companies.
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