2017 website design trends explained
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2017 Web Design Trends- With Infographic

It may not feel like it yet, but 2017 rapidly approaching.

The next 18 months are going to be huge for website design; here are Creato we’ve been conducting some market research this August and have identified some likely trends bubbling under, as well a number of existing web-design trends which look likely to strengthen and become even more popular in the coming months.
2017 web design trends

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2017 Web Design Trends

Mobile Optimisation

You can have the most stylish, functional and accessible website going, and many businesses do, but completely fail to tailor their website to those accessing their company via a mobile phone.

Indeed, it is often the most sophisticated and elegant of websites which are the least accessible for mobile devices. A 2016 study by Morgan Stanley Research found that mobile access had overtaken accessing the internet via a desktop for the first time. By failing to take the extra time to work with your designer and create simplistic mobile-site, many businesses are alienating a huge minority of their customers.

Clients and web-designers are only now starting to wake-up to the importance of cornering the mobile-device market, and this looks to be the biggest trend in the upcoming year.


This correlates directly to mobile optimisation; quite simply, say more with less. Huge swathes of the market will now be accessing your website using less powerful devices, be it tablets, phones or consoles.

This segment of the market will be concerned primarily with speed and clarity; that is, websites which are clear, easy to use but whose simplicity is aesthetically pleasing. Above all, simple websites should be purpose-driven, and always leave visitors feeling their doubts and questions have been answered. The beauty of simplicity is explored further in this article by Pixel Plotters


Whilst Search-Engine Optimisation is hardly a new trend, its importance in the coming months and years cannot be overstated. Google has a 64% market share and is used over all mediums of web access. It is imperative that you work with a website design firm who have an intimate knowledge over how best to use and exploit search-engines to your advantage.

Cinema graphs

Cinemagraphs can best be described as ‘still photos with subtle motion’. More interesting and complex than a photograph, yet less-bandwith heavy than a video, Cinemagraphs have become popular on social media, and we believe that trend is certain to carry over to websites. This is one of those “act-now” trends, as cinemagraphs are still obscure enough that they can add real intrigue and mystique to your website, ensuring they stand out from the competition. However, as they become more popular, their value will diminish, so it’s important to jump on to this trend now!


There are a huge number of websites competing for consumer attention, so it has never been more important to select the right brand for your business. By choosing Creato you will choose a business who are not only constantly following trends in order to stay one step ahead of the completion, but whose approach to website-design and basic philosophy never change: to build a brand that customers will recognise, resonate with and instantly understand its message.