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A Guide To High Quality Logo Design

A Guide to Quality Logo Design

Successful products need effective branding so that they can be recognized by consumers. Outside of creating a unique product offering for your target, branding is an important process that will establish your place in the market. Having a quality business logo design is just one way that you can distinguish your product or brand from a competitor. Creating a logo might be a challenge if you are not sure exactly about what creative direction to take.  Should you decide to embark on the journey to designing your own logo, there are some DIY options available with a simple search across the Web. If designing a logo is not at the top your to-do list you can enlist the help of professional designer who can turn your vision into a work of art that will enable your product to stand out.

Logos are an effective tool for creating brand recognition and brand association. They can be used in advertisements, brochures, business cards, t-shirts, and many other promotional items. A prime logo is comparable to putting your best foot forward in introducing your brand to the world. Logos leave a lasting impression that stays embedded in the minds of consumers when they think of your product. In order for a logo to convey a brand’s image well, several characteristics should be taken into consideration.

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Keys to a Quality Logo Design

Keep it Simple

According to CreativeBloq, a logo should be “distinct, appropriate, practical, and graphic” (CreativeBloq, 2014). While outrageous designs might be eye-catching, going bigger is not always the best option. A logo should capture attention in a simple yet creative manner.  Logos that are too complicated may be hard to understand.

Create a Timeless Experience

A quality logo design should be timeless. Logos by brands such as Nike, McDonalds, Apple, and Coca-Cola have been recognized for generations. Although the aforementioned brands have logos that are seemingly simple, the process by which they were created was most certainly a painstaking experience. The goal of the effective logo is to create a truly memorable experience.

Make Sense

Your custom logo should communicate your brand values and beliefs to your target market. The logo design should encompass elements of what your product is about. Logos that have little relation to a brand or product may be hard to discern.


When designing your logo you should consider how it will be used and where it will be placed. How will your logo appear on various backgrounds? What size should it be? How will it print on glossy paper? How will it print on fabric? What about embroidery?

Choosing the perfect logo may be a challenge and will include moments of trial and error. When creating an effective design, remember that your logo should capture attention quickly, be memorable, and distinguish your product well.

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